Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifiers

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Aprilaire Humidifiers — the process of adding moisture to the air is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet it’s one of the least understood. People associate humidity with the discomfort of hot, steamy summer days. And it’s true that too much humidity causes problems. Yet when properly controlled, humidity offers many proven benefits to your health, home and comfort. Using an Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifier is one of the most effective ways to add the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air and prevent the problems caused by dry air.

Automatically deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your home

The Aprilaire Model 600 Humidifier is a whole-home solution that helps you achieve total comfort through humidity control. The Model RP600 uses the furnace blower to move air through a Water Panel®.

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Aprilaire RP600Features

  • Delivers optimum levels of humidity control with the Automatic Digital Humidifier Control. You never have to monitor your settings or wait until you feel uncomfortable.
  • Provides vital service, temperature and relative humidity indicators in manual mode as well.
  • Performs quietly with simple annual maintenance.

Typical installations take 4 hours to complete including electrical & plumbing

Aprilaire water panelWe Stock All HVAC & Humidifier Manufacture Replacement Parts, Water Panels, Pleated and Standard Air Filters. Call Our HVAC Parts Department at (763) 424-5235 Ext. 301. A model number and serial number for your product is required to ensure proper replacement. We also offer shipping!

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