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3 Signs Your Furnace is in Need of Repair

Most obviously, if your furnace just doesn’t do anything, it needs repair. However, the furnace in your Minneapolis home isn’t so obvious with its need. Instead, you will notice a lot of inconvenient problems start to manifest when a furnace repair is needed.

Furnace is Not Blowing Hot Air

If the furnace has had some time to warm up, the air it is blowing should not feel lukewarm. Even if you don’t notice lukewarm air being blown out of it right away, you will notice your furnace running longer on even moderately frigid days or your home never quite reaching the temperature you want it to.

Strange Sounds

Aside from the sound of blowing air, your furnace shouldn’t be making strange sounds. Even if the blowing sound is too noticeable, it may be a sign of a problem. If you hear loud humming, clunking, or grinding, you will want to contact an HVAC company right away to investigate.

The Furnace Runs Constantly

The problem you expect is for your furnace to not start, but the problem you may get is a furnace that doesn’t shut off. Sometimes this means you set your thermostat to ON instead of AUTO, which means the fan blows constantly to circulate air. However, if your furnace is running all the time, it could mean your home is not reaching the temperature you set your thermostat to. This can be a sign that the air it is blowing is not hot enough.

Do you have furnace problems in your home? The temperatures are getting colder, and you should not wait until the coldest months to have them addressed. If you need furnace repair in your Minneapolis home, contact us today to see what our technicians at Minnesota Heating & Cooling can do for you.