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4 Signs that Show that Your Home AC compressor Is Bad

If your AC deviates from how it operates daily, then it means the compressor is not in good n proper working order. Knowing your home AC in and out is very crucial so that you can quickly notice any compressor failure. Dealing with the problem at the initial stages saves you from having to replace the whole AC unit when it gets damaged completely.

Here are the four signs that show that your home AC compressor is not functioning correctly.

1. Warm Air

When the compressor fan air is warm or lukewarm, then that means the system is overheating. The compressor needs to compress high-pressure gas to create heat that is expelled by the fan to ensure that the system doesn’t overheat. Therefore, warm, or lukewarm air from the fan means that there is a compressor dysfunction.

2. Hissing Sound

The compressor fan needs to run smoothly when you turn on the AC. However, when you hear hissing sounds from the system, then the refrigerant gas may leak. This might also be caused by compressor motor malfunction. This problem, in turn, results in an extended start-up time of the AC unit when it is switched on.

3. High Electric Bills

Your AC compressor is bad when you start getting high electric bills, yet you haven’t increased the AC usage. This is caused by a decreased efficiency of the AC compressor because it is not compressing the gas as required. As a result, the AC runs for an extended period, thus increasing the overall electric bill.

4. The Compressor fails To Turn On

When you notice that your environment is warmer even after switching on the AC, then its compressor may not be working correctly. This shows that it is not adjusting as per the set conditions and needs to be serviced.

AC malfunctions cause discomfort and costly expenses that could have otherwise been avoided. At Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that our clients should get timely services and prevent any downtime losses. We promise to deliver beyond your expectations. Kindly contact us for HVAC related services.