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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired

A furnace is a machine, so at some point, it is going to begin having issues. You want to pay attention to your furnace, so you know when it will need repaired. Here are four signs your furnace needs repair.

Lifespan of Furnace 12-15 years

The typical lifespan of a furnace is twelve to fifteen years, but that is not a guarantee. If you wait too long to have your furnace checked out, it may suddenly stop working, which will put you in a sticky situation. It is advised that you have a professional assess your furnace around ten years of age to see how much lifespan it has left. This maintenance can also tell you if anything else is amiss with your furnace.

Unusual Noises

You’ve heard your furnace making a low humming noise. That is a normal sound that a properly functioning furnace makes. However, there are some noises you should be on the lookout for that indicate your furnace may have a problem. If you are hearing popping or squeaking, this is not normal, and you should get the furnace checked out.

Pilot Light Color Change

In a properly functioning furnace, the pilot light burns a blue color. If you notice that the light has changed to yellow or another color, it is indicative of a problem. Call out a professional to check it out.

Increase in Heating Bills

Have you noticed that it is taking forever for your furnace to heat the house? Or is it not holding the room temperature where you have it set? This means something isn’t functioning correctly in the furnace. It is causing the furnace to work overtime, which will cause your heating bill to increase.

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