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5 Ways to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

When winter comes rolling in, you don’t want to be without heat. Although your heater may have worked fine last winter, this isn’t a firm guarantee that it will perform the same going forward. The following are five important steps to take before the temperature drops and local HVAC companies are inundated with urgent, last-minute service requests.

1. Test Your Thermostat

Small and insignificant, your thermostat is the brain of your heating system. If it isn’t working, nothing else will. Turn your thermostat on to a comfortable temperature and check to see if your heater comes purring to life. If you’ve recently had a new thermostat installed or if you’ve recently moved into pre-existing construction, make sure that this component isn’t near any direct heat sources. If the thermostat gets bathed in sunlight in the mid-portion of the day, or if it’s positioned right near an oven or any other heated appliance, it won’t register the indoor temperature correctly, and you may have to wait awhile before your heater starts warming things up.

2. Check and Change the Air Filter

Depending upon how often you use your HVAC system, its filter should be changed approximately once every one to three months. If you use this equipment daily, be sure to change it once every 30 days. If you haven’t done so in a while, put a fresh filter in before the heating season starts.

3. Clean All Air Registers and Vents

In winter, you, and everyone else in your household will be spending far more time inside. Moreover, you won’t be opening windows or doors to let fresh, clean air flow in. Surprisingly, with a closed air system, indoor air can be more contaminated than outside air. One effortless way to limit the demand on your HVAC filter and equipment, and to ensure a consistently high indoor air quality (IAQ) is by taking the time to clean out all air registers and vents.

4. Schedule a Heater Tune-Up

There are certain forms of heater maintenance that homeowners should never perform on their own. For instance, taking the cover off motors and blowers can instantly void your heater warranty. After you’ve changed your filter and removed accumulated dirt and debris from the vents and air registers, schedule a professional heater tune-up. This will give your heating equipment the benefit of a multi-point inspection, a thorough cleaning, and accurate calibration. Best of all, if there are any minor or developing issues to address, our HVAC technician can take care of them before they spiral out of control.

5. Set Up Heating Oil Delivery

If your heater relies on heating oil, set up a delivery schedule right away. Demand for heating oil significantly increases during the cold season, and the cost of heating oil rises in relation to this increase. The sooner you fill your tank, the less it will cost.

At Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been providing reliable heater maintenance service since 1989. Our technicians can keep your home heating equipment working like it should. Call us today to find out more about our full range of HVAC services or to schedule a furnace tune-up.