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5 Wintry Reasons to Cover Your Outdoor AC Unit

As the cool fall nights slow dissipate, and the colder days and nights move in, you may be trying to decide what steps should be taken to protect your outdoor ac unit. Now is a perfect time to get your home systems prepared for the winter months. Here are 5 good reasons to go ahead and cover your outdoor ac unit and get it routinely checked.

Water/Condensation Causing Damage

Properly covering your ac unit during the winter prevents water from building up inside the system, sitting on coils, and freezing. When these coils freeze and thaw continually, and then repeat the process throughout the cold months, it could cause severe damage to the unit. The damage will often cost a hefty price to fix, a price easily avoidable.

Unwanted Flying/Falling Debris

Your outdoor unit is the perfect place for debris, dirt, leaves, and sticks to build up. Covering your system will shelter it from debris that is most certain to cause some type of harm to your unit. Which will prolong you being able to use it when the weather warms up.

Rodent Nesting

Outdoor animals are always looking for a warm place to nest during the cold months. However, these little creatures can damage the coils and other mechanisms in the unit by nibbling on them.

Compacted Snow

As snow builds up in your unit, it sits and becomes compacted and will cause damage to the fan blades as well as the coils. To prevent your system from being damaged and costing your money, take preventative measures now.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

To ensure you are taking the proper measures to keep your ac unit safe during the winter, schedule routine maintenance to check your unit. Professional technicians will give your system an overall health check. Any problem areas will be addressed, and your system will be properly secured for the blistering cold weather. To schedule your appointment to protect your ac unit, contact us today.