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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting: 4 Common Problems & Solutions

Preparing for summer begins with a well-maintained and efficient cooling system to stay comfortable and cool throughout the year’s hottest months. Yet again, air conditioners can fail to operate optimally, resulting in increased humidity and a warm air supply. That said, here are four (4) air conditioning troubleshooting tips for common AC problems.


When your thermostat isn’t working or calibrated incorrectly, it is difficult to tell if your AC is turned on. Setting the thermostat to the lowest temperature can elucidate if the system doesn’t start. But if you still can’t get a cool air supply, calling a professional HVAC technician is crucial to either recalibrate or replace the thermostat and resolve the problem.


At times, you may turn on your air conditioning system and hear no sound or feel no cooling. Lack of power is often the primary cause and could result from either a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Begin with resetting the circuit breaker and if the problem persists, replace the blown fuse. Call an HVAC technician if this doesn’t solve the issue as it may signify faulty wire connections or thermostat issues.


Several reasons may cause your air conditioner not to cool your home or office when turned on. Low refrigerant levels, condenser problems, and dirty filters are common problems to troubleshoot. Check refrigerant levels, and if it is low, topping it up can help alleviate the problem. However, an HVAC technician can help detect leaks, fix them, and refill the refrigerant.

Another key component to check is the condenser because it plays a critical role in cooling the air. It is often located in your outdoor unit, meaning it is exposed to dirt, assorted pollutants, and soot. Clean these coils to guarantee heat transfer for better cooling. Furthermore, make sure filters are also clean to promote cool air circulation.


Irregular cooling can also occur due to leaking or dirty ducts, leading to improper airflow. Troubleshooting for leaking or dirty ducts can help streamline airflow and give you a comfortable home and workplace. If you have a central air conditioning system installed, it is advisable to call for professional help since these units incorporate sealed ductwork.

Still can’t find the source of the problem. We here at Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our Nate-certified and licensed HVAC technicians can readily troubleshoot your cooling system, identify the problem, and fix it. Contact us to learn more today!