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Air Filtration Systems


If you are considering the benefits of installing a Bryant® home air filtration system or a high efficiency air purifier to your existing forced air system, or when installing a new replacement gas furnace. At Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer and install Bryant® residential home air filtration systems – Depending on health issues and other air filtration requirements, we offer the Bryant® residential air filtration systems and air purifiers based on needs and requirements. Regardless of the MERV ratings, Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning installs air filtration systems that have MERV 8 up to 15 MERV ratings and other types of air residential filtration systems, the Bryant® residential Perfect Air Purifier offers an extremely high 15 MERV performance, and the ability to Capture AND kill™ airborne viruses, bacteria & mold spores. Whole-house air filters are installed onto a forced air system.


During our  Fall HVAC Indoor Comfort Sale (pdf), take advantage of natural gas, electric utility rebates, tax credits, and savings up to $2030.00 when you purchase an Energy Star®, Bryant® Evolution® – Preferred™ – Legacy™ residential 95% “AFUE” and higher, residential replacement natural gas furnace matched with a Bryant® 16.00 SEER, 13 EER, high efficiency residential air conditioning system and a Wi-Fi Smart thermostat Plus we offer our residential customers 25 Months 0% Interest Financing for all residential high efficiency replacement gas furnaces, high efficiency air conditioning systems, Indoor Air Quality “IAQ” Products and HVAC services.

Bryant Evolution High Efficiency Perfect Air Purifier

Bryant® Evolution™ Perfect Air Purifier™ offers an extremely high MERV15 performance & the ability to Capture AND kill™ airborne viruses, bacteria & mold spores. This remarkable air purifier is as convenient as it is effective because there is no cleaning required. The Bryant® Perfect Air Purifier™ simply requires periodic replacement of the media cartridge to maintain its 100% peak operating efficiency and maximum air cleaning performance.

Bryant Preferred High Efficiency Air Purifier

Bryant® Preferred™ Air Purifier™ offers a MERV13 is compact enough to fit most tight furnace installations, this whole-home air purifier can be the perfect fit for cleaner air and efficient system performance. It silently eliminates up to 75% of organisms as small as .30 micron. And, with Captures AND Kills™ technology, it is proven effective against 3 common pathogens, including the common cold and human influenza. The Bryant® Preferred™ Air Purifier™ requires periodic replacement of the media cartridge to maintain peak performance.

Bryant EZ Flex Air Purifier - Minnesota Heating and Air ConditioningBryant EZ Flex Air Filtration

Simplicity defines the Bryant® Preferred™ EZ Flex™ Cabinet Air Filter. It is easy to replace, so maintenance is a breeze. the Preferred™ EZ Flex™ Cabinet Air Filter can protect and improve heating and cooling system performance with a MERV 10 efficiency that treats 100% of the air flowing through your system. Clearing the air has never been simpler thanks to the easy to remove filter cabinet door. Bryant® EZ Flex™ Cabinet Air Filter, High-Efficiency, and its MERV 10 efficiency keeps air flowing smoothly while helping to keep energy costs down. The Bryant® EZ Flex™ requires periodic replacement of the media cartridge to maintain peak performance.

» Download the complete Bryant® Whole-House Indoor Air Filtration Products.

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