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Boiler Repair in Maple Grove, Minnesota

A troubled boiler is a hard pill to swallow. Not having heat or hot water ruins everyone’s day. Issues like pilot light glitches and pressure loss can keep you from taking your cherished shower. 

While you should call a qualified tech to identify problems, there are issues more likely to cause you grief. Here are the four common reasons for boiler repair in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out

If you have a broken thermocouple, the gas supply will stop. This condition might be the result of your pilot’s light going out. A build-up of residue on your pilot light could also be the culprit. There might not be a decent airflow, or you have a poor gas regulator. If you keep resetting the pilot, and it goes back out, consult with a boiler pro.

Your Boiler is Kittling

If your boiler sounds like a tea kettle ready to overflow with hot water, you have a troubled system. This is often the result of sludge buildup or limescale. This is a threat to the system’s heat exchanger and its water flow.

You Have Loss of Pressure

Check your pressure gauge. If it reads below one, your heating system has a pressure issue. This can be the result of a faulty relief valve or a water leak.

Your Condensate Pipe Froze

Acidic water produced by waste gas in the boiler gets transferred to an outdoor drain by the condensate pipe. Under specific circumstances, the pipe will freeze up. Depending on the model, the boiler may give off an alert for a problem with the condensate pipe. 

Boiler breakdowns sneak up on us. Usually after those warm months of inactivity. If you need boiler repair in Maple Grove, Minnesota, turn to locally operated- and owned-licensed professionals. Reach out to Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning.