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Minnesota Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

During hot Minnesota summers, businesses rely on their cooling systems to maintain employee efficiency all year round. This means installing air conditioning units that operate flawlessly to cool the sweltering summer heat. Besides, business owners would expect greater comfort, advanced features, and energy-saving with a brand-new HVAC unit. That said, here are expert tips for quality air conditioning installation in Minnesota.


The only way to ensure air conditioning installation goes smoothly is by hiring an expert. The process requires specialized tools and expertise to guarantee that everything is correct, ranging from correct pressure to proper voltage and accurate refrigerant levels. Professional installation also helps promote system performance and eliminates costly fixes in an improper AC installation job.


Commercial buildings often include massive halls and warehouses. Installing a small-sized cooling system can strain the unit and shorten its lifespan. Again, small units will consume more energy, leading to increased energy bills every summer. The only way to alleviate such issues is by knowing about energy efficiency ratings. When it comes to HVAC systems, there are two things to look for: ENERGY STAR label and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

The ENERGY STAR seal is provided by the EPA, indicating that the air conditioner is efficient without compromising performance. On the other hand, the SEER represents the efficiency rating of the system, and a SEER closer to twenty (20.00 SEER) means the unit is more efficient.


When installing a new air conditioning system in your business, it is imperative to evaluate your ductwork. Old or inefficient ducts are likely to affect cooling by about 20 percent, leading to inadequate cool airflow and unproductive staff. Hence, hire an HVAC technician to check your existing ductwork to establish if it needs improvements, adjustments, or renovations. If you have an old structure, replacing your ductwork is vital.

If you’re planning to install a new air conditioning unit in your business, we here at Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning have gotten you covered. Contact us to learn more or schedule your commercial air conditioning installation today!