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24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in the Twin Cities and 7-County Metro Area 

air conditioning repairOur team of Nate® Certified air conditioning technicians has the experience to repair both commercial and residential air conditioning systems regardless of the unit’s age or manufacturer. Since we first opened in 1989 in Maple Grove, Minnesota, we have completed over 37,000+ HVAC projects and will be happy to assist you with all your AC repair needs. 

We provide repair services in: 

  • Twin Cities 
  • 7-County Metro Area 
  • St. Paul 
  • Minneapolis 

As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau®, we maintain an A+ rating with over 31 years of service by always putting the customer first. When one of our technicians knocks on your door, you can be confident that they work for a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning is: 

  • A Bryant® Heating and Air Conditioning Factory Authorized Dealer™ 
  • An Electric Utility Certified Air Conditioning Installation Contractor™ 
  • A Mitsubishi® Heating and Air Conditioning Diamond Dealer™ 
  • An Indoor Air Quality “IAQ” Certified Contractor™ 
  • An Energy Star® Compliant Contractor™ 

When you call us with a service request, we will provide you with a free estimate to offer upfront pricing and no hidden fees. Our team provides repair services for: 

  • Central air systems 
  • Small duct systems 
  • High-velocity systems 
  • Mini split systems 
  • And more 

Signs That an Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired 

We recommend customers with older AC units that want to keep their units running for longer take advantage of our: 

  • $99 air conditioning maintenance and safety inspection. Our thorough inspection will examine the entire system to ensure proper operation. We will complete all the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance on the unit to keep it running optimally. 
  • Annual preventative maintenance starts with the spring air conditioning startup. Our annual maintenance solution is a low-cost method of ensuring that your air conditioning system is running safely and efficiently.  

If you notice any of the following when running your air conditioning system, it is time to call a professional: 

  • Warm air is blowing out of the vents instead of cool air. Make sure that the thermostat is set to cooling first. 
  • Air is coming out cool, but the airflow is insufficient. Insufficient airflow is an indicator of a clog or blockage in the system. Airflow issues can also be a result of a failing motor or a clogged air filter. 
  • The unit is cycling on and off constantly. Frequent cycling is a key indicator that it’s time for a tune-up to get your system back up and running efficiently. 
  • Leaking or pooling around the air conditioning unit is a top priority. Fluids may be a refrigerant that can be dangerous to handle or water which can damage a home. 
  • Odors are a sign that microbial growth has started to occur inside of the system. Duct cleaning may be able to help, and UV lamps may be required to eliminate the growth. 
  • Unusual sounds are another indicator that something is broken or loose inside of the system. If you hear a grinding or whistling noise, call us immediately – it’s a more significant issue. 

Financing Your AC Repair 

When it is sweltering hot outside, the last thing you want to do is wait to have your air conditioning system repaired. We work closely with Synchrony Financial® to provide consumer and commercial financing solutions. 

Our customers are offered three main financing options: 

  • 0% interest for 25 months with equal payments made each month 
  • 5.99% interest with a 2.0% payment every month to extend the loan term 
  • 7.99% with just a 1.25% payment per month to keep monthly costs low 

We have a financing solution to fit in every budget. We also accept all major credit cards.  

Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss your AC repair with one of our technicians.