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Dependable Furnace Repair Services in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Heating systems are all good when they’re working properly to warm our homes and keep us cozy, especially when the weather is chilly and unbearable during winter in Minnetonka, Minnesota. But just like any other appliance in your home, the furnace ceases to function as it’s supposed. Provided that it has not exceeded its life (15-25 years), there is no need to replace it –a professional repair is enough to get your furnace warming your house like before.

Not every HVAC contractor can be trusted with a furnace repair. At Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand our assignment. You can trust us to repair your furnace in Minnetonka and get it back up and running at a manageable budget. We’ve provided high-quality HVAC services to our customers in Minnetonka and throughout Minnesota for more than 32 years and completed over 35,000 projects. Our work is second-to-none.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs a Repair

Some signs will point to minor issues with the heating system that you can fix yourself. But others are fatal and might require an inspection and repair from one of our professional and highly experienced technicians. These signs include:

1.      The Furnace Isn’t Heating Your Home Properly

If your home is still cold with the furnace on and everything, including the thermostat set correctly, it means that the heating system is malfunctioning and requires repair. You might also realize that some rooms are hot and others cold.

2.      Strange Noises

A furnace will make a little noise when starting or stopping. But if there are squeaking, screeching, banging, whistling, or grinding sounds, it means that the internal components might be loose or are broken. It’s time to schedule a repair with us.

3.      A Surge in Power Bills

A broken or faulty furnace will overwork and use a lot of electricity to warm your home. You’ll end up paying more until you repair the system.

4.      Short, Abnormal, and Frequent Cycling

If your furnace keeps turning itself on and off, yet you’ve set the thermometer right, it’s time for a professional inspection and a prompt repair to avoid further damage that might require an expensive replacement.

5.      Foul Smell and Poor Air Quality

Malfunctioning furnaces accumulate carbon monoxide, which is dangerous at elevated levels due to poor air circulation. Your house might also be dusty, showing that the ducts are blocked or dirty. People might start complaining of headaches and have flu-like symptoms. Schedule a repair ASAP to avoid fatalities.

6.      Yellow Pilot Flame

The pilot flame of your furnace will normally be blue. A yellow flame points to incomplete combustion, ventilation, and air circulation problems that only prompt repairs can solve.

Let Us Handle Your Furnace Repair in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Only a reliable HVAC contractor can repair your furnace and get it back to warm your home properly. That’s us. We’ve been providing high-quality HVAC services to business owners and homeowners throughout Minnesota since 1989.

If you are looking for the best furnace repair services in Minnetonka, Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning is your go-to contractor. Please contact us today for a free estimate.