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Diagnosing Low Freon Levels in the AC System and Resolving the Problem

The refrigerant is a fluid that determines the overall efficiency of the AC system in cooling your home. It starts in liquid form and evaporates when heated, absorbing the heat in the air passing through it. The fluid alternates between liquid and gaseous state during its operation. High refrigerant levels improve. However, it might dry out because of poor maintenance and leaks. Your AC will also show the following signs of low refrigerant before losing all of it and breaking down.

Your Home Stays Stuffy for Long Hours

You might notice that you spend more time trying to bring your house down to the recommended temperatures. The refrigerant absorbs heat from indoors and releases it to the outside. If the levels diminish, the AC runs for longer before removing heat from the home. It will keep your interior warm for longer hours.

You Notice Bubbling and Hissing

Bubbling and hissing sounds point to a leak in the system. The refrigerant makes a noise as it escapes through a crack on the line. You can switch off the unit and listen to the noise. Call Osseo, MN Air Conditioning Repair experts as soon as you notice the hissing to minimize your overall repair costs.

You Get Higher than Regular Energy Bills

Your energy bills should only go up when you add a new electric-powered appliance. Low levels of Freon force the system to work more than usual in keeping the home cool. The added operation hours eventually lead to increased demand for energy. 

Refrigerant repair involves replenishing its levels and sealing any cracks it might leak through. Timely troubleshooting will help you minimize the losses later. 

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