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Exceptional Indoor Air Quality with the Bryant Evolution Air Purifier

Your home is your safe space. As the weather warms up and pollen counts begin to climb, your home is your retreat from seasonal allergy symptoms. But did you know that significant amounts of pollen (and other allergens, such as dust particles and pet dander) enter your home every time you do? These allergens circulate throughout your home and may prevent you from getting the relief you are searching for. Even more sobering are the bacterial and viral organisms that may enter from the outdoors or on a friend or family member. For cleaner air and greater peace of mind, Bryant is here with the Evolution Air Purifier and its complete line of air filtration products.

How It Works

The Evolution Air Purifier uses a special three-step process to scrub your home’s air of allergens and infectious particles.

  • Step one: the silent Evolution Air Purifier circulates 100% of the air flowing through your HVAC system. As particles enter the purifier, they are charged using a precision point ionization system. The system is highly rated (MERV 15) in its efficiency of air filtration.
  • Step two: Evolution’s unique media filter captures these charged particles.
  • Step three: The Evolution’s patented Capture and Kills technology kills 99% of select bacterial and viral organisms and can prevent further growth of these organisms on the filter. This means that no cleaning is required, just periodic replacement of the filter cartridge.

Who Needs It?

Most of us would like to enjoy better air quality, but the Evolution Air Purifier is especially vital for individuals in more sensitive groups. These include seasonal allergies, dust, or pet allergies, and compromised immune systems.

Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems is committed to the quality of their product. The Evolution Air Purifier is covered by a 10-year limited warranty to the original owner if registered within 90 days of installation. Contact Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about this revolutionary addition to your home.