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Furnace Repair and Installation in Wayzata, Minnesota

Everyone wants to stay warm during cold Minnesota winters. But what happens when your furnace begins to fail? It’s important that you address the issue quickly before you lose heat entirely. You have two choices: repair your old furnace, or upgrade to a new furnace.

How do I Know My Furnace is Failing?

It’s important to regularly monitor how your furnace is operating to prevent an interruption in the heating service. There are a few surefire signs that your furnace is failing:

  • The furnace is making strange noises. This could indicate any number of problems, such as an aging fuel ignition system, unmaintained air filters, or a cracked heat exchanger.
  • The air coming out of your vents feels cool or cold. Frigid air might simply mean the pilot light is off, or you could have an issue with your gas supply line. 
  • The unit turns on and off more often than usual. This is called short-cycling and occurs when the thermostat is malfunctioning or there is low airflow.

What are the Risks of Not Repairing Your Furnace?

When your furnace is not working correctly, there are several consequences you may experience if you delay repairs. The most obvious one is that your furnace will stop working completely, leaving you in the cold during a potentially catastrophic time of year. But there are other dangers as well:

  • You could be exposed to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases because the furnace won’t be burning cleanly.
  • Your home will be colder than usual, which can cause health problems like asthma, sore throats, and colds.
  • Your utility bills will go up because you’ll need to use more energy to heat your home.
  • You may need to spend more time and money on the eventual repairs as the furnace’s condition deteriorates.

Choose a Local, Trusted Heating Contractor

One of the most important decisions you will make as a homeowner, or a business owner is who to hire for your heating and cooling. It is critical that you find a contractor with experience, knowledge, and the right credentials.

Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has helped Minnesotans with their HVAC systems since 1989. We use only NATE-certified and licensed technicians and deliver round-the-clock maintenance, repair, and installation services. Consult with our furnace experts today for a free estimate of the repair of your old furnace or a quote on installation of a new furnace.