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Furnace Repair in Andover, Minnesota

A furnace is an integral part of any home. For residents of Andover, Minnesota, having a furnace is an imperative undertaking primarily because it will help keep your home warm during freezing weather. However, to be fully effective, a furnace needs to be regularly maintained and repaired when there are tell-tale signs of furnace problems.

That said, here are common furnace repairs and problems you should know about and how an HVAC professional in Andover, Minnesota, can help you.

Removing Dirty Ductwork

The gradual accumulation of dust and debris in the heating ducts is a significant problem affecting your furnace. Often, this problem prevents the furnace from heating the house normally. 

As such, it is imperative to take steps to counter this. One of the most reasonable steps to take is to clean the ductwork. Although this might seem like an easy undertaking, it is vital to incorporate help from an HVAC professional in Andover, Minnesota, to avoid complications.

Changing Filters

The furnace contains a filter whose primary role is to keep the air clean and the ductwork cleaner. Put simply, the filter serves to prevent the spread of any dust particles and pollutants in the air. As such, a filter that isn’t functioning may cause significant problems in the furnace in terms of not heating the house properly.

Therefore, for the proper functioning of your furnace, you must change the filters regularly. HVAC professionals often recommend changing Filters every month or two. However, before taking this vital step, it is crucial to consult the professionals for further insightful advice.

Changing Blower Bearings

Your furnace has a blower mechanism that blows the heated air into the ducts, thus warming your home. This mechanism is made up of ball bearings, making it possible for the blower mechanism to function correctly.

Often, the ball bearings gradually become worn out and may cause problems with the blower mechanism. A scraping sound is sufficient evidence to suggest that the ball bearings are worn out and thus need replacement.

Therefore, if you hear a scraping sound from your furnace, it is imperative to contact an HVAC repair specialist immediately.

Need help? Contact Our Furnace Repair Experts

Maintaining and repairing your furnace should be a critical undertaking towards ensuring that your house remains warm during the freezing weather. Although this might seem like a daunting task, it is imperative to take all the necessary steps towards ensuring that your furnace functions correctly.

As such, if you notice any symptoms of a problem with your furnace that may cause safety concerns, it is imperative to call an HVAC technician in Andover, Minnesota, immediately. Contact us today for more help.