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Have A New AC Installed For Your Home

With temperatures expected to continue to hit record heat this summer, it is now more important than ever to get an AC installed for your home. Not only will having a new AC help you be more comfortable, BUT a newer AC is ALSO much more energy efficient, and it could help add curb appeal should you plan to sell it.

A New AC Will Help Make Your Life More Comfortable

Studies have shown that people work better and are calmer under the right temperature instead of when they are hot and sweaty. Staying hydrated in the hot seasons is extremely important, as being poorly hydrated could also cause muscle cramps. Having an AC will not only help keep you cool but helps to maintain your body by preventing water loss from excessive sweating.

Not only that, but newer AC’s have better air filters, which is great for those with allergies or asthma. Heat is known for exasperating these unfortunate breathing difficulties, as does extreme humidity. Sometimes in the summer you can have warnings for extremely poor air quality due to the heat and humidity and suddenly it’s not safe for you to go outside. Having a proper AC can also either slow or completely prevent the growth of mold or other bacteria which cause these reactions. 

Newer AC’s Are Much More Energy Efficient

Let’s say you already have an AC system installed in your building, and it was built many years ago. You could still use a newer one. Newer ACs are far more energy efficient than the older ones, which really spike your electric bill. By having a smaller bill, you could also run more appliances in the summer without the risk of them getting overheated.

Having An Energy Efficient AC Can Add Value

According to Consumer Reports, an updated AC system could add upwards of 5% to your property value. It might not sound like much, but if you are dealing with larger homes with values within 150 – 300k, you are looking at a potential increase of $7,500 – $15,000. That’s not a small amount of money to have a new system installed.

Call one of our expert installers and get yourself a brand-new AC system!