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Heat Pump Repair and Installation in Maple Grove, MN

Fall hails as the busiest time for both businesses and homeowners in Maple Grove as they prepare their heating systems for winter. One of the most special HVAC equipment is the heat pump because it combines the cooling and heating mechanism. This makes heat pumps more energy-efficient than furnaces and ACs. Therefore, heat pumps can create a comfortable environment all year round without the need to invest in separate heating and cooling systems. However, your heat pump also requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it in a tip-top shape.

Signs you need a heat pump repair

  • Loud noise: loud groaning, grinding, and/or rattling noises emanating from your heat pump should signal you that you need to call an HVAC expert ASAP.
  • Short cycles: frequent switching ON and OFF may mean some mechanical or thermostat problems.
  • Not working: one of the reasons residents of Maple Grove, MN, call us is due to complaints about the heat pump not heating or cooling as per thermostat settings. We’ve found that most of the time, a stuck reversing valve is the culprit.
  • Spike in utility bills: a malfunctioning heat pump consumes more electric power, which can easily be indicated by a surge in your electric costs.

Whenever you experience any of the above or any other heat pump issue, request repairs from certified heat pump technicians at Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning.

New Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Finding a professional heat pump installer in Maple Grove is crucial if you want to replace your old unit or switch from the furnace to a heat pump. Therefore, ensuring there is no room for mistakes that can cost you money or nullify your warranty. Heat pump installation also involves electricity, which is dangerous working with if you have no skills. Professional heat pump installations can avert property damage and costly repairs due to blunders during installation.

Get Help

For over three decades, businesses and homeowners have always come back to us at Minnesota Heating and Air conditioning for all their HVAC needs. It isn’t hard to see why, though. Before joining our team, a technician must be NATE certified. For new installations or replacements, our experts will visit your site and develop uniquely tailored heat pump requirements to meet your specific needs. We offer all emergency repair and scheduled maintenance services. For more info, connect with us now.