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Hiring the Best HVAC Company for Your Home or Business

The HVAC systems that maintain the climate of your home or business are a critical and expensive financial investment.  Hiring the right HVAC company for the job – whether you need repairs and upgrades or are on the market for the installation of a new system – is critical. 

Before hiring an HVAC company for our project, there are several steps you can take to empower yourself as a consumer.  The experts at Angie’s List recommend looking at these three key areas:

License and Insurance

All professional HVAC companies are required by law to carry minimum insurance levels and have their workers bonded.  In addition, most cities and states require HVAC professionals to carry licensing based on experience and continuing education courses that keep them up to date on changes in the HVAC industry as well as local building and electric codes.  

Ask for proof of licensure, insurance, and bonding from any HVAC company that you consider for your job.  Most HVAC professionals will provide that information on their websites as well.


Both free estimates and payment plans fall under this category.  A reputable HVAC company will be happy to spend time walking through your project proposal with you, viewing existing systems, and talking through any problems or needs you wish to address.  They will then use your information as well as their professional observations to provide you with a free estimate that is competitively priced for your area.  The estimate should include all costs, both materials and labor, and should also include an estimated start and end date.  

HVAC companies should also provide information on payment methods they accept as well as payment plans that they offer.  Given the high cost of HVAC installations, most reputable HVAC companies work with both manufacturers and financial institutions to offer payment plans for both homeowners and business owners.


If you need HVAC services, ask your friends, family, and business associates for recommendations and references to businesses with whom they have worked.  You should also ask for references from your HVAC professionals from past clients.

Finding the best HVAC company for your project can be challenging.  At Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand the scope and scale of your job and we look forward to serving you.  Contact us today for a free estimate.