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How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost?

When any home appliance breaks down, everyone has the same question – “How much is this going to cost me?” However, the repair cost of your furnace widely depends on what is wrong with it. Everything from the thermostat to the blower motor can go on in a furnace and depending on the complexity of the repair and the cost of the replacement part, it will vary in price.

If you simply need a new thermostat in your home, or better yet, new batteries in your thermostat, this will be a cheap repair. Replacing a thermostat is less complicated than you will expect and can run as low as $30 for a basic replacement thermostat. However, the more in-depth you get in the furnace, the higher the price will rise. The igniters going faulty is a frequent problem in furnaces. This can run up to $300 to replace, and as homeowners often notice their furnace is not working at night, you will also face after hour fees as well.

One of the most expensive repairs is to have the blower motor in your furnace replaced. Depending on the size of your furnace, this can run between $500 and $1,200. Depending on the overall health and age of your furnace, if this is your issue, it may be worthwhile to consider replacement instead of repair.

Cutting Down on Furnace Repair Costs

There is one easy thing that homeowners can do to cut down on furnace repair costs, and that is to not have to make a repair. In truth, a lot of breakdowns can be prevented by regular yearly maintenance. Igniter’s problems are easy to avoid when regular maintenance takes care of them.

If your furnace is overdue for maintenance or is having problems. contact us today to see what Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning can do to help.