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How The Right Thermostat Can Improve Energy Efficiency

While the actual unit that does your heating and cooling plays a huge role in energy efficiency, another part of the system plays a role, too. The thermostat is the commander of your heating and cooling system. It gives the orders right from you, and the smarter it is, the more efficient your system is.

Types of Thermostats

Manual — This is the standard move the dial system that we know from our parent’s homes. They also happen to be the least energy efficient.

Programmable — These models provide heating on a schedule. Want it cooler at night? Want it warmer on weekends? You can program it to do that.

Smart — Connected to your electronic devices, you can control your home’s temperature as you please. You get all the benefits of a programmable thermostat while being able to adjust it on the fly. These are considered the best for comfort and energy efficiency.

Is Your Home Compatible?

Before purchasing a new thermostat, there are some compatibility concerns you want to keep in mind. Before making the final sale, you will want to check the following:

  • Is It for One Stage or Two Stage Systems? — If your system uses a low and high setting to heat and cool your home, you need a thermostat that works for those two stages.
  • What Voltage Does It Use? — Most homes us a 24v system, but it if you have baseboards or furnace systems that do not use electricity, they may require different voltage systems.
  • Does it Work with Zoned Systems? — If you have a zoned system, it is for individual climate control or supplementary heating or cooling. You will want a thermostat that can work with that.

The easiest way to get a thermostat that will create a comfortable and energy efficient home is to enlist the help of a professional. Professional technicians can give you the best recommendations as well as get it installed quickly. In the market for a new thermostat or heating and cooling system? Contact us today to see what we at Minnesota Heating & Cooling can do for you.