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How To Recognize if Your Air Conditioning Needs Fixed or Replaced

Walking into a cool air conditioner from the heat of Summer is a great feeling. But there is always the risk of the unit not turning on or something not working right. But how do you know how to spot these signs? Here are a few reasons your air conditioner may need repaired or replaced. 

No Cool Air is Coming Out

This issue may seem obvious at first, but it can start off subtly. If the air conditioner is slowly starting to feel less and less cool, you may need a repair. Warm or hot blowing out of the unit is a sign that there has been a malfunction somewhere along the way. It can be something as simple as the thermostat accidentally being set to heat, to a refrigerant leak, or even needing a new unit altogether. Call a professional to have them look things over and diagnose the problem. 

 Odd Sounds Coming from Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are not supposed to make any other noise than their usual hum. If you hear anything different coming from the unit, it’s a serious sign something might be broken and will cause more problems. There are several types of noises that can occur, such as screeching, banging, and whistling, all of which can be different problems that need to be addressed by a professional.

Diminished Airflow

The air that flows through the air conditioner can be impeded for a variety of reasons. Changing the filter should be the first step. If that does not help, there may be a bigger problem somewhere down the chain. A blockage may have formed from debris and buildup. This can end up in the duct work. There is also a possibility of a leak in the duct work.

There are numerous problems that occur with air conditioners. One of the best actions you can perform is calling a professional to help you solve the problem quickly, before more damage might occur. 

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