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Is Furnace Noise a Problem?

As with any running appliance, you will have to expect some noise. However, the noise that a furnace makes shouldn’t be something that you notice every second it is running. Some noises can be expected, but it can help you detect a problem if you are able to identify problem noises early.

Noises you might hear from your furnace include:

  • Banging – If you hear a few bangs when the furnace turns on and off, this is normal. It usually comes from your duct system as they expand or contract from use.
  • Squealing – If you hear squealing when your furnace is on, it is an issue with the blower fan or motor. Over time, these can wear out and will need to be replaced.
  • Rattling – A rattling noise is typically not something you notice unless you are right next to the furnace. In most cases, it means a screw is loose somewhere. Typically, yearly inspections will prevent this problem.
  • Whistling – A whistling noise means that air flow is restricted somewhere. There could be a hole in a duct or a gap where air is escaping the system. Sometimes even just replacing a dirty air filter can fix this as well.
  • Buzzing – A buzzing noise is something you want to be careful diagnosing. The most common culprits of this are electrical connections, and you don’t want to touch one that is buzzing.
  • Grinding – This is the scariest noise you will hear, and for good reason. A grinding noise in your furnace means two internal parts are touching and they are not supposed to. Ignoring this noise can lead to substantial wear on those parts.

Obviously, some of the above noises are quite innocent. However, some will require immediate attention. If you have a furnace making some worrying noises, don’t just let it go unchecked, contact us today. Let Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning find the underlying cause of the problem quickly.