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Is Your Gas Furnace Noisy on Start-Up?

Normally, most gas-powered furnaces are quiet throughout the entire heating cycle. As a furnace ages, however, some homeowners may notice that their furnace becomes noisy upon start-up. If this is the case, the noise may be coming from a faulty inducer motor. In this article, we will discuss what an inducer/blower assembly does and why it’s important to make sure it’s operating properly.

The Start-Up Phase of Furnace Operation

After a furnace’s thermostat alerts the furnace to begin the heating cycle, the inducer motor/blower assembly located inside the furnace begins its start-up functions. The inducer motor begins to run, which allows the blower assembly to clear out any leftover gas from the heat exchanger’s last heating cycle. The blower assembly also ensures there is enough air to flow through the heat exchanger which enables the proper combustion of gas.  

Excessive Noise on Start-Up

When the internal bearings of an older inducer motor begin to wear out, a homeowner will often notice their furnace becomes noisy on start-up, although the noise will eventually fade and in most cases the furnace will continue through its cycle and heat the home. Over time, however, the noise level may become distracting enough to disturb family members even while sleeping, so many homeowners want to find a resolution even though their furnace may continue to heat their home.

Repair or Replace?

Even if a homeowner feels they can tolerate a certain amount of noise from their furnace, it is possible that eventually the inducer motor will fail completely. In this case, since it fails to perform its initial safety checks on start-up, the furnace cycle will not be able to continue, and the furnace will stop operation.

If a repair person determines that a homeowner’s furnace has a faulty inducer motor, since it is a sealed unit, it isn’t possible to just repair the bearings. Instead, they will simply replace the entire unit. The good news is that after the motor unit is replaced, family members will once again be able to enjoy a quiet and restful sleep.

If your gas-powered furnace is noisy upon start-up, we can help. Please contact us today for more information on how to keep your furnace running safely and quietly.