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Keep Your Furnace Working Right with Regular Maintenance

Maple Grove Furnace Maintenance 

Your furnace works hard during the winter. Most people do not even think of their heating system until there is a problem. Routine maintenance often gets ignored. If the system is working, it must be fine, is the thought, but that is not always true. If you want to save money on your heating bills, stay comfortable, and avoid more serious problems down the road, you need to have your furnaces serviced annually. At Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide furnace installation and maintenance, so you know your HVAC system is working right.

What is Included with Furnace Maintenance?

When our certified technicians arrive, they check all your furnace’s components. If they need to be adjusted, cleaned, tested, or lubricated, we do that. Depending on the type of furnace you have, we will also:

  • Examine the heat exchange for problems
  • Inspect the air intake grilles and vent system
  • Check and clean the motor, which includes testing the amp draw.
  • Inspect electrical connections and repair any problems such as damaged wiring
  • Check the flame sensor and burner
  • Lubricate any moving parts
  • Examine the belt for flaws
  • Check, clean, and replace the air filter
  • Ensure the system’s safety controls are working
  • Check the start-up cycle

If you have a gas or oil furnace, there are other services we perform as well. We examine the fuel lines for leaks and inspect the thermocouple. We also check the burner, pilot, and gas pressure.

When Should My Furnace Be Serviced?

If you want to keep your furnace running efficiently, you need to have it serviced each year. If you have a heating and air conditioning system, it should be serviced twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. Your furnace is like any other appliance in your home. It needs tender loving care regularly. Regular maintenance allows us to catch small issues before they become big ones. For more information contact Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning.