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Melting Ice in an Iced-Up Air Conditioner

Having ice in an AC is a sign that the system is a mess, and you need to act quickly before it gets damaged. It may also mean that the AC is not blowing away the cold air and thus it accumulates in the system leading to the blockage of the crucial parts of the AC.

Melting ice in the AC might take 1-5 hours depending on the amount of ice that has blocked the system. However, the defrosting process is very delicate, and any slight mistake might bring costly damage to the AC.

Defrosting the AC

You need to allow ice to melt off before you can troubleshoot the AC system completely. You can either turn the AC off and let the ice to melt or turn on the fan to aid the defrosting process. Besides, the filter needs to be clean and free of any dirt that causes blockage and alternatively making the AC be frosted up.

What makes an AC get Iced-up?

An AC may freeze up because of two main reasons.

First, the evaporator coils may receive insufficient air flow caused by the clogged or dirty air filter. Restricted air flow causes the evaporator coil to accumulate cold air that should have otherwise been driven away. This causes the surrounding air to cool down in the form of ice pellets. This is corrected by cleaning the filter or replacing it with a new one.

Another compelling reason for an iced-up air conditioner is the low refrigerant level due to a leak in the system or improper first installation. This causes the temperature of the evaporator coil to drop below the manufacturer’s specified level hence causing ice to accumulate in the system. 

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