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Minneapolis Commercial HVAC Repair and Replacement

commercial hvac repair

When considering the heating and cooling needs of your business (commercial HVAC repair) as well as any air quality, climate, and comfort requirements for your employees, customers, and product manufacturing facility, it’s vital that the HVAC system in your business is working to maximum efficiency.  

If you are in the process of deciding whether to repair or replace your current commercial HVAC system, there are four key considerations you should discuss with your commercial HVAC professional technician.

Age of Current HVAC System

Make sure you know when your current HVAC system was installed and the date of manufacture of the system components.  Older HVAC systems may require costly replacement parts that can be difficult to locate as well as more frequent inspection and repairs.  Additionally, older HVAC units may not offer the energy savings of newer models.

Commercial or Business Needs

The HVAC needs of each business or commercial building are unique.  For example, businesses within the hospitality or restaurant industry require an HVAC and airflow that addresses the high volume of heat and humidity in a commercial kitchen while also addressing the comfort of patrons and customers. The HVAC needs of a small production factory, or an office building vary just as widely.  

Retrofitting and Ductwork

Whether you are repairing an existing commercial HVAC or considering installing a new commercial HVAC, it’s important to have the ductwork of your building inspected for airflow as well as capacity.  Retrofitting of existing ductwork may be necessary to meet airflow and air quality requirements. 

Cost Analysis

As you consider the cost of repairing a current commercial HVAC system with the cost of installing a new commercial HVAC system, remember to factor in the projected energy savings analysis of installing an energy efficient HVAC system.  For information on commercial financing options, contact us at Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about your options.