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Minneapolis Emergency Furnace Repair: When is a Furnace Problem a Furnace Emergency?

Unfortunately, a furnace never breaks down when you want it to. It is inevitable that it will never have a breakdown, but it won’t have problems when it is 30 degrees and the middle of the day. Instead, it will pick the coldest night in Minneapolis to sputter out. However, many people are weary to call a furnace repair company at night because they aren’t sure if their furnace problem merits emergency repair. If you aren’t sure what is considered an “emergency,” then perhaps we can help define it.

It is Very Cold Out

If your furnace breaks down and it is still in its 20’s outside at night, it may not be an emergency. You may need to break out an extra blanket, but it may not get overly cold in your home. However, if your home does get cold very quickly, you need to also remember that there is the possibility of your pipes freezing before you do. This creates a plumbing problem on top of your furnace problem.

If it is in the single digits outside or below, you may not be able to wait until morning and then wait until a technician can come out. You need emergency service to protect your home.

Odd Smells

Do you smell something weird coming from your vents? Then it is time to shut your furnace off and call for emergency service. What you are smelling is typically the casing melting off the wires and creating a burning smell, but that’s not a good thing and why that is happening needs to be addressed before you can turn it on again. You will want to contact a furnace company that offers emergency repair to have it investigated.

The truth of it is that if your furnace doesn’t work and it is getting dangerously cold in your home, then that merits emergency repair. If you are having furnace problems in Minneapolis, emergency or otherwise, contact us today to see what we can do to help.