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New Furnace Installation: Electric or Gas?

If it is finally time to replace that old furnace, in most cases, your fuel type for your next furnace is already predetermined. You have a gas furnace; you will replace it with a gas furnace. You had an electric one? A new electric furnace is coming back in. However, if you do have the choice, your home came with a hook up for either, it is worth considering the differences between the two fuel types.

When it comes to electric furnaces, the major benefit is that you pay less initially. Electric furnaces often cost half the amount of gas furnaces when you buy them. However, gas furnaces have a benefit of their own. They may cost more than electric furnaces upon initial installation, but they run at a lower cost over time.

In addition to those innate benefits, one could also argue that natural gas is often more affordable as a fuel type compared to electricity. This is some of what keeps gas furnace operation costs so low as well as the appliance just being efficient at using the energy. However, the tradeoff is that electric furnaces, being simpler in design, will often last longer. They don’t require the same maintenance needs that gas furnaces require and often go above the maximum 20-year lifespan that gas furnaces have.

It is this back and forth that makes both furnace fuel types comparable. Often what usually makes the costs unbearable when switching from either fuel type to the other is the installation of the infrastructure needed. This means if you have both electrical and gas hook ups available as well as have the funds available, it may be more worthwhile to choose a gas furnace to keep those energy bills nice and low. Alternatively, if you need heat now and don’t have a large budget, electricity can still be a great option.

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