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Our Dedication to Serving the Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic


HVAC Considered an Essential Service

Across the nation, spring is upon us. Here in Minneapolis & St. Paul, that does not mean we are over cold temperatures necessarily, but warmer weather is coming. In fact, it is common for our customers to use both heating and air conditioning on the same day due to temperature fluctuations. With the country enforcing distancing measures through at least April, you might wonder what services are considered essential. Whether your heat goes out during cold weather, or you discover your air conditioning failing as it gets warmer, Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning.

President Trump has called for all non-essential services to close through April 30th, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain businesses, such as hospitals, are essential, but other services might cause confusion. If you’re heating or air conditioning fails, you might wonder if you can call for repairs. The answer is yes, heating and air conditioning services have been determined to be essential. We’re open and ready to serve you in these tough times! Give us a call today. 

Should You Call for Repairs?

Even if services are open, you might wonder whether you should call for repairs. The answer has many factors. Is everyone in your home healthy? If so, Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to provide services. Our employees have been educated on preventative measures, including hand washing and distancing. Increased sanitation has been implemented at our facilities as well. We have ordered enough stock to make sure we do not run out of materials. As we work hard to ensure our employees are safe, we ask that you respect distance as well. If anyone in your household becomes sick, you call for rescheduling immediately.

Minnesota Heating and Air Conditioning is here to serve our community during the COVID-19 crisis. We have been serving the Twin Cities area for 31 years, and plan to do so as long as possible. We understand this is a challenging and confusing time, but we are here to help both you and your home stay as comfortably as possible. For any questions, or to schedule an appointment contact us.