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Reasons Why Your 2-Story House is Hot Downstairs but not Upstairs

Normally, you get all cozy and comfy when you go to your bedroom in a typical 2-story house because it is warmer than downstairs. But what if your house is the opposite? Hot downstairs, but extremely cold upstairs? You have been wondering why you have it all mixed up.

Therefore, you don’t have to use a blanket when watching a movie downstairs but have to cover up the moment you get into your bedroom.

You have poor insulation upstairs.

Your upstairs rooms could have thin walls, especially if your house is old, affecting its ability to retain heat. This will force you to use more conditioning to keep it warm.

 Your Upstairs rooms are far from your heating unit.

If you have a furnace or any other heating unit downstairs, then it will be warmer than the rooms far from it. Your rooms upstairs would get less heated airflow thus remaining cooler

Factors relating to the room.

This includes location and the number of windows available in the room. If your upstairs rooms are positioned to face away from the sun, then it will stay cold most of the time. If the rooms have many windows and you open them all, then there would be a lot of chilly air getting in through them.

Thermostat Location.

The thermostat is most effective in the room where you place it. You have your thermostat downstairs, that’s why the entire floor is warmer than upstairs. And a thermostat will automatically shut down once the room in which it is placed is warm enough to avoid overheating. That could be before your upstairs is heated up.

There are multiple causes of temperature imbalances in the home; thankfully, there are as many solutions so don’t fret. You can conduct a home energy audit to establish the reason for temperature imbalances in your house so you can find an appropriate solution to combat the problem. Also, you are welcome to contact us for your heating and ventilation needs.