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Setting Your Thermostat in Winter: Things you Should Know?


Winter is upon us, and there goes the big question on how to set the right temperature for your house. What worked for you during the summertime may not work during the winter. In the USA, the Ministry of Energy recommends setting the thermostat at 72°F during the day in winter.

But that is a simplistic answer. There is a lot to consider when it comes to setting your temperature in winter. For example, during the night, the preferred room temperature is 66°F which is lower compared to during the day. But what brings differences? Here are a few things you should know about setting up your thermostat during winter.

Are you asleep or outside the house?

Being in the house or not affects how you regulate your house temperature. If no one is in the house, you can drop the temperature to as low as 680F to 620F. The same should be applied when you are asleep. You don’t need extra warmth when your body has generated the heat.

Your home

It is essential to know the temperature of your home. A home with insulated ceilings tends to be warmer than one without. Your living room may not be the same temperature as your bedroom.

It is also likely to be colder on the ground floor of an apartment than on the fifth floor. Understand your home, get a feel of its temperature, and settle on a temperature that best suits you.

Who Is in Your Home?

People tend to be quite different. The temperature you feel is right for you may be uncomfortable for someone else. An adult responds differently to hot temperatures compared to an infant. When setting your house temperature, try to be considerate of the people living in the house. The adults can find alternative ways to keep warm compared to kids.

Where is your Thermostat?

Is your thermostat placed in the wrong place? You will find that putting your thermostat in direct sunlight, in the kitchen, hallways, and the vent proves to be ineffective. To get the maximum results place your thermostat at the center of the house, bearing in mind the frequently used rooms.

For winter, set the lowest temperature that is comfortable for you. It is your home, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it. Feel free to contact us for your ventilation and heating needs.