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Signs That You May Be in Need of Boiler Repair in Minneapolis

Your home’s boiler plays a key role in your home by keeping you and your family comfortable during cold Minnesota winters. This makes it critical that homeowners stay on top of boiler maintenance and repair as ignoring a faulty boiler can lead to costly repairs and sudden breakdowns when you need your heating system most. Yet, if you are like many homeowners, then you may assume that your home’s boiler is fine if it is running, which may leave you wondering how you will know when your boiler needs to be repaired. Here are a few of the signs that you can look out for this winter indicating that you may need boiler repair. 

Strange Noises

One of the clearest indicators that something is wrong with your boiler is if it starts to make strange noises. A functioning boiler will not be very loud; however, if it starts to make loud/unusual clunking, whirring, banging, or gurgling sounds, this can indicate a variety of problems with your boiler such as a fan or pump that is wearing out. You should not ignore any strange noises your boiler makes, as ignoring these problems could cause your boiler to overheat or stop working altogether.  

Something Smells Foul

It is also critical that you pay attention to any smells that may be coming from your boiler. Gas boilers have the potential of leaking gas, which could pose a serious threat to you and your family. If you notice a gas-like smell or a strong metallic smell, this can indicate a gas leak that should be repaired immediately. 

There Are Cold Spots Throughout Your Home

Of course, you should consider having your boiler serviced if it does not keep you warm enough. If your boiler seems to only work intermittently, or it warms certain parts of your home while leaving others freezing cold, you will need to have your boiler serviced as soon as possible to ensure your comfort this winter. 

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