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Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work Or Maintenance

You just bought a brand-new AC a couple or a few years ago, but now it is starting to act up and you think you need a new one. It could only need a few simple repairs and then it works normally again. Unbelievably, even high-quality electronics can get wear and tear especially when they are in constant use in hot zones. Temperatures are likely to continue to rise and this upcoming summer we are expected to see even more record-breaking heat waves which means even more continuous use of your AC.

The Temperature Doesn’t Feel Like It Says

68 degrees just does not feel right anymore, but other ACs in your home feel fine at the same temperature. Chances are that AC air filters could be blocked or one of the motors could be damaged. Your AC could also not control the humidity levels correctly, which makes your normal temperature feel even hotter. Your vents and filter could be blocked by dust accumulation if it has not been cleaned in a while. Air filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent an uncomfortable spring or summer.

Weird Smells Are Coming from It

Chances are you have mold or other bacterial problems with your AC which comes from humidity and leftover water from keeping your AC from overheating. If not properly maintained your AC can become damaged by these things and now you have a massive moldy situation which causes further breathing difficulties, especially for those with asthma.

Water Leakage

It is natural for an AC to produce a little water to prevent itself from overheating, but it should not pool up inside your window. Hopefully, it simply means you did not properly put your AC in at the correct downward angle and it is just water from pooling up. All you need to do is ensure it is slanted properly in this case. Otherwise, it could be a sign that the coolant system is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Or you hear a weird rattling sound inside your AC. Call us today and we will get your AC promptly fixed!