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Six Signs That You Need a New Thermostat


Well-made thermostats tend to outlast most other HVAC equipment. Nonetheless, every mechanical or electronic device eventually wears out. Look for these signs when you suspect that you’re heating or cooling thermostat needs replacement:

1. If it indicates the wrong room temperature, the indoor temperature sensor might have failed. This problem will prevent it from turning your HVAC system on and off at the right times. Be sure to compare its readings with that of a precise thermometer.

2. If you see a blank or unreadable screen, you may need new equipment. However, you should try to replace any batteries, check for a tripped circuit breaker, and adjust the screen’s contrast level.

3. Severe corrosion could render a thermostat inoperable. If you don’t remove corroded batteries soon enough, they will destroy the battery contacts and eventually ruin vital components inside of the device.

4. Some thermostats click when you adjust them to temperature settings that switch your HVAC system on or off. If your unit normally makes this sound and has stopped doing so, it may need replacement.

5. No analog or digital control will last forever. When an essential dial, knob or button becomes inoperable, it’s time to install a new unit.

6. If you have a programmable model, it may normally lose your custom settings when power outages occur, or batteries run out of energy. However, the device might require replacement if it repeatedly loses this data for no apparent reason.

If the controls appear to work properly but your HVAC system doesn’t respond, several different components could be to blame. A professional technician can accurately determine if the wiring or equipment needs repair.

When you can’t fix a thermostat with basic troubleshooting and cleaning, turn to an HVAC expert. Please contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff if you need help diagnosing a problem or replacing equipment.