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The Importance of Regularly Changing Your Furnace Filter

furnace filterChanging your furnace filter is one of those small maintenance tasks that are easy to do, but equally easy to forget about. However, the furnace filter plays a hugely significant role in your system and needs to be changed about every three months.

It is widely believed that the furnace filter is responsible for providing cleaner air in your home, and that is true. However, if you are not so into getting the cleanest possible air in your home, you may ignore the furnace filter more than you should. Unfortunately, the filter plays a more significant role than just cleaning your air.

While a furnace filter does clean the air entering your home, that isn’t its primary purpose. Clean air in your home is a helpful byproduct. The furnace filter doesn’t filter the air processed by your HVAC system. Instead, it filters the air being drawn into your system. This prevents dust and debris from entering your furnace and HVAC. If the filter isn’t in place, this dust and debris will build up internally and cause damage. This means more repairs for you.

While a dirty filter becomes less effective at filtering air going into your system, you also need to be concerned about how it affects your energy bills. The dirtier the filter is in your furnace, the harder it needs to work to draw in air. This means your energy bills will go up quite a bit despite having to make more frequent repairs.

Have you been a little lax in changing your furnace filter? It happens. However, the easiest way to remember to change it is to have a professional do it during a checkup. Your system should be inspected twice a year, once before the heating season and once before the cooling season. During this time, filters are changed, and your system is inspected. If you need a furnace, checkup or think you may need repairs, contact us today to see what Minnesota Heating & Cooling can do to help.