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Why Regular Furnace Maintenance Is So Important

Like your air conditioner, it is important that you have regular maintenance done on your furnace to keep it running smoothly. At least once a year is optimal and it is best done at the beginning of the season. However, it is one of those tasks that is quick to fall to the wayside because it is so infrequent. Yet, that doesn’t make it any less important.

A furnace that has fallen behind on its maintenance is usually a tax on your resources. It will cost more to run and because it isn’t getting proper check-ups, it will break down quicker. So that means it costs more to run every month and it will manifest problems that cost a couple thousand dollars to fix in the future.

Yet, the most important reason to have regular maintenance is that your furnace could become a hazard. Part of furnace maintenance is checking and cleaning the vents and filters which, if clogged, can be a fire or carbon monoxide hazard.

When you call for furnace maintenance, the technician will do a lot more than you think. They will check for clogged vents and filters, lubricate the appropriate parts, make sure the thermostats are working, check for leaks in fuel lines, and check for proper electrical connections. All of this extends the lifespan of your furnace and keeps it working as efficiently as possible. If you don’t want an expensive furnace repair soon or don’t want it to fail on the coldest Minnesota night, keeping it maintained is crucial.

If you haven’t had your furnace checked in a while, contact us today. We can help with heating maintenance and repair, so your home isn’t left to the mercy of mother nature. Let Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning help keep your systems in tip-top shape.