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Xcel Energy Cooling Rebates

Xcel Energy® offers cooling rebates to their Minnesota electric utility customers up to $450.00 for upgrading an inefficient central air conditioning system, or installing a new high efficiency air conditioner, ductless mini-split cooling system for the first time, with a SEER, “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” of 13.00 SEER and above. With the Xcel Energy’s® cooling rebate program, by purchasing a high efficiency air conditioning system they are designed to save you money, especially during those long hot and humid Minnesota summers, which makes the Xcel Energy® cooling rebate program so successful. Staying cool and saving you money, now that is cool!

Xcel Energy Cooling Rebate Schedule

SEER Rating EER Rebate*
13 (14 for heat pumps) Any EER $150
15 12.5 $350
16 13 $450

What Does SEER Mean?

When replacing or installing a new high efficiency air conditioning system, the term energy efficiency is based on SEER ratings, “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” SEER ratings are the air conditioning system efficiency rating, like the miles per gallon for your car, your car might get 21.50 miles per gallon or “21.50 SEER – 16.00 miles per gallon or 16.00 SEER – Minimal standard is 13.00 miles per gallon or 13.00 SEER – The higher the SEER rating the less it cost to operate without sacrificing comfort. Xcel Energy Cooling Rebate Participating Contractor

Participating Installation Air Conditioning Contactor – Xcel Energy Cooling Rebates 

Minnesota Heating & Air Conditioning is an Xcel Energy® participating HVAC contractor that has successfully met all the criteria for the Xcel Energy® High Efficiency Central Air Conditioning rebate program, that allows us to offer rebates for replacing, or installing a new high efficiency central air conditioning system for the first time.

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